Saturday, January 26, 2008

CT Scan

I had a CT scan today. No big deal, except for the barium suspension that they make you drink the night before, and right before the scan. I picked the banana flavor (the receptionist recommended it). Yuck. I did try the orange - and I would recommend that flavor for anyone who has to go through this. Full bodied, a nice bouquet, with underlying citrus tones :)

The technician said that they won't have the results for three days or so. I don't really anticipate anything showing up on this scan. A CT scan isn't the most accurate diagnostic tool, and I consider this to be a baseline scan, so any future irregularities can be compared to it.

Still - I want to hear that everything is ok. ;)

Other random stuff:

My favorite husband and I are off on a free trip - one of those promotional gigs, with free air fare and hotel. It couldn't have come at a better time. We really need a short escape.

The shower and wedding stuff is going fine, except now *I* have to find a dress. I am putting it off until the last minute.

I was volunteered to judge a science fair this past week. I really enjoyed it, but it made me feel a little gypped that I never got to do that in school. I am always so surprised at how smart children are. I guess I spent much of my childhood feeling dumb - do kids still feel like that?

That's it! Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not much to say

My trip out of state went fine. I again see how much energy and strength chemotherapy has taken from me. The exhaustion didn't hit me until the near end of the trip, so that was good. I feel fine (although a little slow) today, so it doesn't appear to carry over from one day to the next.

One interesting thing happened to me on my trip. As I was boarding my flight home, the man taking the tickets said "Have a good flight sir". Then he looked at me, and said "Sorry - the bandanna threw me off". Sir. I had make-up on! I had eyebrows drawn on my face, and not bushy ones either. Lipstick. Eyeliner to mimic my lost eyelashes. And for those of you who do not know me - I am the opposite of flat chested. Oh well - I guess chemo has made me androgynous. ;) Maybe I have finally become the boy/girl I always wanted to be in high school (think David Bowie/Adam Ant). LOL! More likely, the ticket taker was high.

Everything is still busy busy busy. There is a wedding shower and a wedding coming up - and a lot of work to do for that -although my sister is doing a great job of getting things in order! Who knew that she was so organized - honestly - this is a side of her that I have never seen before.

We also have a short trip that happens right before the shower. My CT scan is scheduled right before the trip, but I won't have the results probably until after the wedding and all (unless there is something wrong and they need to contact me sooner).

whew. Who has time to worry about cancer? ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Keeping busy

I have been keeping occupied now that I feel better (and I feel SO much better!). Work has been busy, which is great, because it helps keep my mind from worrying about vague future fragments of time.

In fact I have a quick jaunt to Virginia next week to do a job. I leave Monday night, and come back on Tuesday night. I'm hoping to stop at the Edgar Allan Poe museum - who knew there was such a place!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I wasn't supposed to see him this soon, but he is leaving until the end of January on vacation. I'm hoping that he will at least order the tests I need, even if I have to wait a few weeks to have them done. I haven't been having any problems though, other than being tired all of the time, joint pain and headaches.

I started taking L-glutamine in mid December for the numbness. I take about 5-7 grams of the powder every third day or so (very infrequently). However, my numbness is nearly non-existent now. There are no other side effects from it (for me) either! I suggest it for anyone who has neuropathy from chemotherapy. (but check with your doctor first!)

The rest of the month will be busy too. My sister went from being engaged in December, to planning a February 9, 2008 (YES - 2008!!) wedding. I am happy for her, but doesn't she know how much WORK this is? :) Lucky for us, she is keeping it simple.

I guess this is the official announcement, since she hasn't really told many people yet. So congratulations to L and M!!!

I am going dress shopping with her tomorrow. This is a supreme sacrifice, since I hate shopping! However, she was with me when I bought mine, and in fact found the store for me. I hope that we find a great dress, very quickly :) tomorrow.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome 2008!

And it couldn't have come soon enough! 2007 haunted us all the way up through New years eve, when we found a flooded basement. It was my fault - since our refrigerator went out I had been wondering which appliance would next choose to die. For those of you who guessed the water heater - ding ding ding!!! You WIN! All we could do was laugh. Laugh and call a plumber. Luckily, we found one that would do it for us on short notice, and on a semi-holiday. I still wasn't feeling well, so I slept through the whole process.

So long 2007
So long cancer
So long costly household expenses (that may be wishful thinking)
So long side effects and chemotherapy
And good riddance to you all!

I am back. Side effects were bad again - but not quite as bad as they had been. That was either due to the extra week of recuperation I had this time for the holidays, or due to the fact that it was the last one - whatever - I don't care - I am just glad that they were a little bit easier to bear. I'm still tired, and expect to be for the next month as these toxins finish the job, knock out any remaining hair on my body, and continue the course out of my body.

What's next you ask? I have to make an appointment with my regular oncologist in three weeks. At that time, he will order a CT or CAT scan and possibly blood tests. Once the scans are done I will see the gynecological oncologist who will also look at them and offer his opinion. Assuming all of that is ok, there will be follow ups - every three months or so I believe.

Right now I don't know quite how I feel - I am still recovering, and I haven't even been back to work yet. I haven't started to process anything yet- but more importantly, I haven't started to worry about anything yet ;)

I will wish you all a happy new year! Talk to you soon!