Saturday, August 30, 2008

Doctor appointment

I had an appointment with my gyne/onc on Thursday, to discuss the CT scan I had the week before. She said that the main tumors have not changed much (grew a little), and also that the cancer has spread - there was more on my omentum (the remnant that was left) and its now likely seeded throughout my intestines. She could not see the tumors, because they only show up if they are larger than a centimeter in size. But the thickening she saw on the CT indicated to her, that was the most likely explanation. No more Doxil for me, which is both good and bad. No more sore swollen feet and tongue blisters (I can not tell you how much those hurt!!), but Doxil was also surprisingly easy, and I felt human during the treatment. Of course, it didn't work - so I won't be abusing my body with that particular poison anymore.

The doc recommended Cisplatin and Gemcitabine, with avastin if my insurance would approve it. However, my favorite husband and I had been researching a clinical trial that may fit my circumstances. We told her about it, and she agreed. "Do it." she said. Other doctors would not want you to leave their care, or would want you only participating in studies in their hospitals. I love this doc, and will continue to seek her advice as I go along.

So on my checklist of things to do:
1. I can switch from my HMO to a PPO as of October 1. This will allow me to do the study, without having all the referral paperwork (if the referrals would even be approved). Since they can take a month for approval, it will be worth the extra cost to us financially. Also, I will be able to go anywhere for treatment or consultations, which may be beneficial in the future.

2. Call the facility, and set up an appointment to see if I will be a candidate. The study will involve another operation to remove what tumors they can (de-bulk me again), interperitoneal chemotherapy (IP) with taxol (they 'wash' your abdominal cavity with the chemotherapy drug), then they create a vaccine with the tumor cells from your own body, and treat you with that vaccine. Since I seem to be immune to the traditional chemotherapy, I hope that this treatment will be what I have been looking for! I hope I get accepted. I hope that my ovarian cancer stops smearing itself around my abdomen, and melts away.

I have to remember to breathe. I have to quit trying to look ahead, and plan or predict the future.

On a brighter note - our bamboo floors are in! They look so good! I wish we had them throughout the whole house now! We are buying a new bedroom set too. Of course all of the other furniture looks awful to us now, with the new floors :) If only we could afford all new furniture! My favorite husband will have to start doing better in his poker tournaments...


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


WOW!! What an experience!! It was wonderful, terrifying, exhilerating and all other descriptive words rolled into one!

I'll write more about it soon - no time right now. But I highly recommend it for any other thrill seekers out there! Skydiving is so cool!!! I can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


My friend JKE turned 40 this year. I have known her for at least 18 years - nearly half of her life so far. For many of those years we have talked about skydiving. Talk, talk , talk. Well, we finally set the date and time, and made a deposit! Life is short, and we aren't getting any younger, and we couldn't wait too much longer to do it. So on August 19 we will brave the unknown, and skydive! I can't wait!!!

In other news, I am off to Colorado this week for work. This year has really included a lot of business traveling. I'm glad that I feel healthy enough to continue to do it.

I'll certainly be back next week to talk about the skydiving! WOO HOOO!!