Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A beautiful day!

Our team - It consisted of people from work, current wacky friends and their friends, and high school friends! It was perfect weather in Chicago.

At the finish line!

We had a great time, and our team brought in over $4,000. Wow!

A bunch of us went out after the walk for pizza and beer. The waiter saw all of the cancer shirts we were wearing, and asked us if "Anyone caught cancer" on the walk... Hmmm. I don't think he thoroughly considered what he was saying. He got a lot of dirty looks. It just goes to show that people really don't think before they speak. I did not take it personally, but it really offended some of my friends who have other cancer survivors in their lives.

It certainly made the day even more memorable, and gave us something to laugh about in the future! ;)

Everything else is just fine. I still feel great, and rarely remember that I have cancer. Work is keeping me busy, and I am still finalizing our vacation to Alaska (cruise) plans.

My next appointment is May 20, so I will probably post again around that time (you have been fore-warned!).