Thursday, January 29, 2009

My 15 (or 3) minutes of fame

View at your own risk... ;)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The doctors visit went fine yesterday. And yes - I did recieve the first vaccine! It was just a small injection, beneath the skin creating a 'bubble'. Here is a rather unflattering picture of me getting the shot:

The remaining ones will be given in my upper arm.

I guess I misunderstood part of the trial. I will get one actual chemotherapy session on Monday - with cyclophosphamide. It is supposed to help to 'boost' my immune system. Then next Thursday I will get the vaccine again, but it will be mixed with Bacillus of Calmette and Guérin (BCG) (I think that is to trigger my immune system too). I will get six more vaccines with the BCG, given weekly, and then a booster shot at six months. My skin reaction to the vaccine will be the indicator as to whether it is working or not.

It was anticlimactic to get this small shot as a treatment, after all of the surgery, chemotherapy, and other stuff I've been through. It seems almost too simple to be effective! :)

Thanks to all for your continued support and uplifting comments!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inauguration and Vaccine

The date is set. I should (barring any unforeseen circumstances) begin the O-Vax ovarian vaccine trial on January 20. That is the day that my friend JKE and I planned to be in DC for the inauguration. She tried to get tickets, but couldn't, so we were just going to drive and get as close as we could to the action - to feel the energy, hope and wonder of such a historic moment! Instead, I hope to be starring in my own historic moment with the vaccine trial.

The public relations person from the hospital told me that two news channels were interested in interviewing me and filming the injection. Before, she had said it was going to be a newspaper interview. Yikes! But I haven't heard anything else yet. I'm not going to worry about it, until I hear more! In fact, I can e-mail her this week to see if that is still the plan. If so, I need to buy a new outfit (one that camouflages all of this chemo weight!) ;)

We had 7 inches of snow last night and I am enjoying the view out my window today as I work from home (thank God I work for an understanding and flexible company!). Have a great week!

Oh - Life of Joy inspired me to add a more recent picture to my profile. It shows that I have hair! It is curly hair and there is a lot of gluey hair product keeping my bangs (or 'fringes' for my European friends) straight.