Thursday, October 25, 2007

clawing my way back

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! I was back to work today, but was so tired, tired, tired. I'm still not 100%. For this treatment, my side effects started earlier (Saturday evening), and are lingering longer. But who cares - I'm good for another two weeks!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


It looks like a beautiful day outside, from my vantage point laid out on the couch. I love fall days. I wish I were out walking, or riding my bike, or even raking leaves. I have pumpkins to carve, and work to do, but no energy and no 'ooomph'.
Just a few more days. Just a few more days...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halfway through - or not?

Chemo went fine today (as usual). I did get the results of my CA125- not bad news, but not good news either. It went up from 19 to 21. It was 19 before I even started chemo. After these two sessions of chemo, I had hoped that it was going to be much lower - so that was a small disappointment today. However, considering that it was 321 before surgery, and 192 immediately after surgery, and normal range is below 35, I guess its still ok.

The other news I got from the chemo nurse, was that the doctor often extends the 6 treatments to 8 treatments in patients with ovarian cancer, who are young and healthy. Young? Me?? ;) Yes - she said. I am glad that she told me that. I had my heart set on finishing this year, but if that is not to be, its ok. I would rather know of that possibility now than to find out after my fifth or sixth treatment. So maybe I'll be celebrating the Chinese New Year (guess I'll have to Google the date of that!) instead of the usual New Year. However, extended treatments are not a sure thing yet. I want to do everything I can to cure this, but I also don't want to keep doing these treatments if they don't seem to be helping. I have an appointment with the oncologist after my next one, and I'll talk to him at that time (especially about the CA125).

Well, I did start taking the b-complex vitamin and the glutamine. If that doesn't help with the numbness, then I will take writer's advice from my previous post and ask about the pills she suggested (whoosh - the name of it just flew out of my head! Glad I have it in writing ;))

Guess that's it for today - have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oncologist appointment

I had an appointment with my oncologist on Friday. He said (and I quote) that I'm "breezing through" this chemotherapy. Well I'm glad HE thinks so! I am pleased that things are going relatively smoothly. He said that my blood tests have been better than his, and that's after having chemo. Guess thats because of all the clean living I've done! ;)

I did tell him about the numbness in my hands and feet. He suggested I start taking a b-complex vitamin, and if that doesn't work, to start taking glutamine. Sigh - more pills.

He will be testing my CA125 this week before chemo (thats a blood test for the protein created by the tumor - I want it to be very very LOW) .

Oh yeah - my 1/2 point chemo is on Friday! At this point next week I will be halfway done. It does feel like the time has flown by.

It is really strange, parceling my life into these three week increments from treatment to treatment. I just get back into the swing of work, and then I'm off sick again. The months are passing, but I just look at the calendar to determine if I will be "well" for upcoming holidays and events.

My favorite husband and I had a good time this past weekend. However, the trees in Michigan had not changed color yet. Maybe we can go back in a few weeks - I really love fall colors! We did hike on Friday and Saturday - climbed some sand dunes, and walked by the lake. The memory of the fresh fall air will get me through this next treatment.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Out of town

We are leaving for Michigan on Friday - hopefully to see some fall colors, and breathe some fresh air! It is our substitution for our yearly vacation and wedding anniversary trip. Well, a mini substitution until we can 'properly' celebrate once all this chemo is over. Our anniversary isn't until the 18th - but my third chemo (my halfway point!) is the next day so it would be hard to celebrate next weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

(and those paying attention will note that I haven't mentioned the Cubs - and I will NOT mention the Cubs - so please do not mention them to me... :) )

Friday, October 5, 2007


Its a great feeling to know I am going to feel fine for the next two weeks. Those 'down' days really make me want to utilize the good ones! So, yes - feeling fine.

I am having some side effects that I didn't want. I notice numbness in my left hand and foot. Its like the feeling right before a part of your body "falls asleep", except that it just remains in that odd, numb, nearing tingly state and no amount of movement wakes it up. Its not from lack of circulation, but an actual effect on the nerves. Ah, well - I'll talk to the oncologist about it when I see him in a week.

I wonder about just how wise it is for me to put all of these toxins in my body-toxins so harsh that they can't touch your skin. But you hear the word 'cancer', and you just go along with the flow. It was presumed that would be the course of treatment. I didn't research any other treatments, or other options. I didn't even ask. I guess we are all so programmed to automatically think chemotherapy when cancer is a diagnosis.

But I should have at least asked.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I am back on the upswing. Monday and Wednesday were really really bad - but now it is Thursday. :)
I'll update more later, but at least I am good for a couple of weeks.