Saturday, November 13, 2010

De-ported (somewhat)

Well, I have been lax again in updating. Oops! :)

Two weeks ago I had a scan and appointment. Still nothing on the scan that is definitively cancer!! Yay! They did see a 'shadowy' area where my trachea splits - that my doc thought was because of a recent cold/allergies. She said there are a bunch of lymph nodes there that could be swollen. She said that she could not see what the radiologist was referring to, when she looked at the scan. Anyway - I am not worried, and she wasn't either. It is something we will watch, but not something that will cause me to lose any sleep.

We also talked about cutting back on the CT scans. I have been worried lately, about all the radiation I'm getting from them. My doctor said that she would be fine with cutting them back to twice a year. She said we can just use my CA125 and HE4 blood tests to monitor, as well as my own symptoms (or lack thereof). I'll still see her every three months, but only scanned every 6.

Yesterday I had my interperitoneal port removed. The port was located on my ribcage, and the tube was anchored to an area just above my liver. I didn't think that I would be as SORE as I am today. I actually took some Vicodin (prescribed) last night for the pain - and I try to avoid that drug. It gives me crazy dreams.

My poor favorite husband - they called him from the waiting room and said that the doctor wanted to talk to him. He was scared that I had died on the operating table, or even that they found more cancer... Luckily - they just needed to tell him that they could not get the tubing out of my abdomen (from the port). Adhesions and such had made the tube a permanent part of my body. They told him that they could remove it, but that it would require a full abdominal surgery. He made the absolute right choice by having them leave it in! (it was their recommendation too). The tubing has never been a problem for me anyway - I can't feel it. But I did feel the actual port on my ribs, and the anchor on my abdomen. I'm glad they are gone!

We are celebrating my little sisters 40th birthday today (her b-day is actually next week). I can't believe she is turning 40! She has turned into such a wonderful woman. I need to stop looking at her as my 'kid' sister now, I guess :) I'll load up on ibuprofin and have some wine - and my sore bandaged ribs/abdomen surely won't bother me tonight at her party! Happy birthday Lori - I love you!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying life! Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. I know for certain that I would not be where I am today, without them.


l'optimiste said...

oh poor FH! and you - hope the wine is going down well ;)

I think it's great to have one less thing to constantly remind you of cancery stuff. Glad the port is out.

And happy birthday Lori - lucky girl to have such a cool sister :)

Pateeta said...

congratulations on your deportation and negative test results! thanks for updating.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought about checking your blog in ages, but I suppose with all the hell I've been going through with my mother and George it was logical it would pop into my head... I'm so glad you haven't felt even the need to post here in months! And it was great to hear about your sister, too. Wish her, and Tim, my best and hopefully I'll talk to you one of these ├Žons!" I love you!

Chris Reed