Saturday, April 10, 2010

Enjoying Spring!

I could apologize again about what a bad blogger I am, but would you really accept it? :)

At least I come bearing good news! I had my CT scan and doc appointment last week. The scan *read* that nothing showed up. However my doctor pulled the scan up on her computer, and saw that there are still calcified nodules in my abdomen. Those nodules, in comparison to scans from November, have shrunk! From now on though, I will always have her pull the scans up and read them herself. I don't have much faith in the radiologists' reading, which is not good. At least the doctor is aware of it now, and maybe can say something to get that fixed.

She said that we don't need to do anything now. I need to have another scan in three months. Until then (and hopefully, beyond then) I'm still on break!! My CA125 is down to 14 (the lowest its ever been).

My favorite husband and I were actually in shock. I was certain that I would need to start treatment again (and I think he thought so too). I wasn't as stressed about starting treatment again, knowing she would likely put me back on Avastin, which was really helpful (in conjunction, I believe, with the OVax vaccine trial I was in). Knowing how subversive and sneaky ovarian cancer is, I didn't expect to get an extended break like this! My body is reveling in it, and with spring here, I feel renewed.

For those of you battling ovarian cancer - I wish for the same break for you. I can't explain how much hope this gives me. At a minimum, it is more time, and it gives my body time to recuperate from all the abuse its taken the past three years.

I won't promise to update soon. :) I will try to update more often! Please continue to send good energy and prayers my way, and I'll do the same for you.

Now, go out and enjoy your lives!


l'optimiste said...

yay!! really really pleased for you Nat!! So great that you have time to get over all the abuse...and you WILL have lots of time.

Tell me, what does it mean 'calcified nodules'? They're dead? Or what?

So pleased for you and the FH - send him a hug from me!

Tracey said...

Brilliant news Nat.. may good health carry on xx

Tracey said...

Brilliant news Nat.. may good health carry on xx

Kia Taylor said...

Great news Nat!!! xoxo

Lakeland Jo said...

here here. Get out and live life. Hugs X

Jamie said...

this is such great news Nat!! enjoy every minute that you get!!!! It is such a blessing! We are coming up on the two year anniversary of my mom being gone. I cannot even believe it's been that long, it seriously feels like yesterday. I am hoping to put together a memory walk for her next year. I wanted to do it this year, but I decided to help out with the OCRF's luncheon here in Michigan in september and then maybe i can get some help from them for the walk.

Enjoy yourself!!!!

koneill1976 said...

Congrats! You are my inspiration and you are always in my thoughts!


Abbey, aka Mrs. Honey said...

GACK! I see the last time you posted before this one was way back in January so who knows if you'll even see this one!? Anyway, Congratulations on your body's break from EVERYTHING! Especially now that spring is springing! What a wonderful feeling! I know what it's like to have a long break like's just my turn to be in the midst of the hard work right now, ya know?
Thank you ever so much for your words of experience with Avastin that you left on my blog! You've really set my mind at ease...moreso than you may realize! When I start to freak out and worry about the dreaded "what if's..." on the subject, I'm just going to open up your comment and reread them for encouragement. As long as I can continue treatment while on all this juju, I'll be just fine! I may complain a bunch but I'm not ready to throw in the towel on treatments just yet (or ever!?)! I just gotta get myself to my next BREAK like you! :)
Thanks for checking into my blog. I'm going to peruse yours a bit and then probably check back from time to time.
Again, thanks for the supportive comments.
Take care!

Maggie said...

Such good news! I haven't checked in for a long time and like to see that we are on parallel paths (for today anyway). I too am enjoying the time off chemo and hope for it to continue, but generally I am just happy for today.

I hope your Spring continues to go well, that you stay off the chemo train and enjoy your life! You deserve it!

Amy said...

Natalie!! This is GREAT news! So So awesome! One of these days, we will meet. CA 125 staying LOW - awesome! Hopefully we can get together this summer sometime :). Didn't we say this like last November when the Bears were in season?!?!?! Keep it up woman!